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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Way back in the day my first job out of college was in the banking world and the dress code was suits and blazers every single day.  Once I left that job, I could not wait to donate all those clothes and enjoy a more casual & stylish wardrobe.  I pretty much have stayed away from blazers till I found this semi-casual version in a fun color with pretty girly details and I was immediately sold! It's a burnt orange color with ruffle detail on the back!   It has a zipper front which makes it a bit more casual and since my workplace now is pretty casual this style works better for me!   I paired it with my embellished ikat tank from JCrew factory store and pretty surprised how many things I've been able to pair this bluish purplish tank with.  (worn before here)   The tank is still online for only $19.50!!

My Rules for Casual Chic Blazers:  
1. Fun Color or Stripes/Patterns (No florals for me)
2. Unusual Shape or style (no collar, mandarin collar, cropped etc.)
3. Fabric:  Lightweight cotton or stretchy ponte knit or sweater material
4. Fun Details:  Either ruffles, zipper, tie belt, just something extra! 

Do you have any rules when shopping for blazers? 

On a personal note my princess started to sleep thru the night! I feel like a million bucks!  Have not had a full night of sleep in about 7 months so this past few days have been great!  :)  Been pretty good about her nighttime routine, bath at 8pm then some milk then she's been passing out around 9:30ish!  And been sleeping till about 6:00am!  Whohoo!   Now onto the next challenge, she will be reaching 6 months soon I have to decide what solids to start her off with! 

:: Outfit Details::

Blazer:  Ann Taylor LOFT Blazer $54 (Winter 2011)
Tank:  Jcrew Factory Printed Sequin Tank in Purple Ikat - Get it here - $19.50
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT Ponte Skinny Pants Spring 2010  - $30
Shoes:  Bandolino ZAFFLE Peep-toe Pumps via TJMaxx (2010)   $20
Bracelet:  Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Beaded Bracelet Spring 2012 -Get similar here- $12

 Today I'm joining Marionberry Style  for her Trend of the month linkup for June which was bright blazers! Also linking up with The Pleated Poppy & Rolled up Pretty.


  1. The blazer looks great over that sparkly tank, love it!

    Mix and Match Fashion

    1. Thanks!! I do love sparkly things :)

  2. Such a great outfit! Love the color choice. You look fantastic!

  3. Love the orange blazer and the purple top. That tank is amazing!

    1. Yes it is and you really can't go wrong at the price point!

  4. That blazer has such a nice cut! Very chic!

  5. Great tips...definitely agree with wanting at least one fun detail. Who wants to wear a boring old blazer with no personality? Well, I suppose in banking they like that kind of thing...
    Anyway, you look beautiful and I love the red! Thanks so much for linking up!
    XO - Marion

  6. Hello! So glad to have found you via Marion's site! I think your entire look is great. That tank is gorgeous... would not have guessed J. Crew (my fav:), however. Love it paired with the red and black. Very nice.
    Best, Whitley at the Queen City Style

  7. Such a fun outfit, especially for the holiday this week! You look great :)


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