A loose fitting Linen Colorblock Sweater from LOFT & Black Ponte Skinny Pants!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ever been a bridesmaid?  I have.  Many times.   And each time you get gifted something that you will probably never use. EVER.   The flower necklace that I'm wearing is a piece of jewelry I received as a gift for being a bridesmaid that we had to wear to match the dresses!   Well it's been sitting in my jewelry drawer for years and years.  Until today.  I had this idea to change it to a longer chain.   So I did and I sorta like the way it wears now!   It's a nice little pop of color!   It's been Über (I don't ever use this word, so it's really bad) hot around here so I'm wearing a lightweight loose linen sweater, that covers me up for work but also feels good to wear.   Layered it with my turquoise tank because i like my tops to be longer and this one is sorta cropped!  The sandals from the GAP are really pretty and comfortable!   GAP always amazes me with their shoes, they may not be the best made, but sure they are padded and some of the most comfy shoes I own. 

Outfit Details:  
Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT Linen Color-block Sweater  $39
Tank: GAP Maternity Ribbed Tank in Southern Turquoise - Get it here -$7
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT Ponte Skinny Pants Spring 2010  - $30
Necklace: Sterling Silver Flower Pendant - Bridesmaids gift
Sandals: GAP Metallic Stone Detail Thong Sandals  - $28 - Get it here (only limited sizes available online)
Purse:  Coach - Gift for my birthday!


  1. Those sandals are adorable!! ANd I love the pop of color from your tank!


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