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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I've had these sunglasses for about two years, and just like my watch I only have one pair at a time.  These were pretty expensive, I was given a gift certificate to Sunglass Hut and purchased these for around $300!!!  Yes that is a lot of money, but it's important to have quality sunglasses that protect my eyes! Plus I will wear these until they break, which usually I'm very careful about.  Had my last sunglasses for almost 5 years!  These are also polarized which just makes a huge difference! (I know there are some cheaper options, but I loved these) I usually have a very hard time finding sunglasses that look OK on me, so when I found these I had to have them.   The style of these glasses is TF 4022B , and I think you can get them cheaper now as it's and old model. Just do a Google search for them if you want them.  It has little charms on the sides that you can change out!   They came in other colors and I really liked the tortoise better than the black, but only the black ones were polarized so that is how I ended up with black! On the second picture you can see the charms, I've been wearing mine with the blue heart!   (another silly reason I got these it's because one of the charms is a T- so I was like yay T for Tunde :) hehe )

Tomorrow I will post my sunglass case, so make sure you check back!! Yes when you spend such big bucks on sunglasses you need a good case for it!  :)

Tiffany & Co. - TF 4022B Sunglasses

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