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Friday, July 6, 2012

Over the last few weeks I've received request from my readers about my watch / wallet and little details so I've decided to start a series of posts of little things and all the little ways I try to make my surrounding enjoyable & more girly to me.    First up is my ID badge!   :)   I purchased this cute ID badge on Ebay about a year ago for $25.   I believe it's from the Coach Factory Store but not sure!   It's absolutely beautiful and makes having to carry around my work ID much more enjoyable!  I refuse to clip it on my pants! :)   I don't think the same one is still on ebay, but If you do a search on Ebay for Coach Lanyard, hundreds come up!  I really love the daisy & pineapple ones!   Or if you live near a Coach Factory Store, you can probably get these there too!  

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