Casual Chic - One Two Quick!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Casual chic looks can be as easy as one two quick :) Easy peasy!   I will be posting more of these but here is a standard casual chic outfit!  This is easily one of my favorite quick looks!   Dark Skinny jeans, comfortable flats, a bright tee & a super soft infinity scarf.  It's a no fail easy casual chic look!  Chances are you got something similar to these in your closet already!

Where to get: 
Gap Yellow Tee $19.99 regular price - Get it here
Gap Infinity Scarf in Grey/Creme $19.99 Regular Price - Get it here
Gap Flats $39.95 Regular Price - Get it here
Loft Dark Skinny Jeans $69.50 Regular Price -  Get it here

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