Banana Republic Day: A Geometric Maxi Dress & Hotpink Flower Belt!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

As much as I'm ready for fall and the cooler weather, I've been noticing that the days have been getting shorter.   I now must rush home in order to be able to go for a nice long walk with my doggie and baby!  I truly enjoy my walks every evening and it's one of those things that calms me down after a busy day.  Baby loves being outside too, and if she is cranky I take her outside and she is all smiles once again.  Except for those few times when she screams thru the hood and I have to pick her up, hold the dog and push the stroller at the same time! As I think of summer passing I know it will be much tougher to get my workouts in and seriously considering joining the YMCA again, since they have daycare while you work out!   I will have to see, since YMCA is pretty pricey, but I am now much more limited with baby and a full time job!   Anyhow I'm getting somewhere with all this rambling.  Since summer is nearing it's end, I'm getting some use out of my maxi dresses, since before I know it I will have to box them up till next summer!

Dress: Banana Republic Geometric Maxi Dress in Tall (Spring 2012, sold out online) $77
Belt: Banana Republic Floral Stretch Belt $27


  1. what a pretty maxi dress on you! xo

  2. Very nice dress and I love the pop of color from the belt!

  3. That dress is amazing! Love it wih the belt!


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