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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is a guest post I wrote for Jessi (you can visit her blog HERE) on post baby fashion!  With a new 7 month old at home I’m now ready to share what worked or did not work for me post baby! 

Having a baby can stir up many emotions and can raise so many questions! In my opinion it’s the biggest life changing experience anyone can go thru!  And I mean that in a good way.    How will I do this? What will she look like? Will she sleep?  The questions just never seem to end especially for first time moms like me.   It’s all very exciting but I will be the first one to admit that I was terrified of how my body will change thru this beautiful process!  Will I get back in shape?  Will I get stretch marks?  Is it still appropriate to wear this and that?  And the questions go on and on.  Also the thought of my feet growing bigger really freaked me out, I mean I’m already a size 8.5-9, how much bigger can they get, and what will I do to all my beloved boots and shoes?  If you are a fashionista like me, you can’t help but to wonder if your pre pregnancy clothes will fit the same or will I have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for a whole new body.   If you are pregnant with your first I will stop you right there.   There is no way to know how your body will change.  You can submit yourself to endless googling and find stories on the polar opposite sides!   Some people bounce back in a few weeks, some people are still struggling months even years later.  The best advice I can give you is to take good care of yourself before, during and after your pregnancy and more then likely you will be OK.

I will also tell you guys that you should refrain from shopping for after pregnancy clothes at least till about 2 months after you have your baby! Why you may ask?  Well let me tell you what I did.  I mentioned before that I had a rough pregnancy with a long bed rest and even though I was allowed to work from home from my laptop, bed rest can make you super bored.  Outside of goggling all the what ifs of my condition and freaking myself out, then watching My Gypsy Wedding all day long,  what’s a girl to do?  Well I did some online shopping (of course this was in December / January with those crazy sales!!).   I thought to myself this will look great after I will have the baby, and I ordered pants and skirts a size up from my pre prego size. I thought to myself, everyone tells you your hips get wider and you will never be the same!  Right? Well guess what?   I lost all my baby weight and then some more.   All those purchases are now useless and sitting in a box waiting for me to gain weight.   Lesson learned:  don’t shop for after baby clothes while pregnant, chances are they won’t fit you! This is especially true for bottoms.

And in all honesty after you have your baby, the last thing on your mind will be fashion.  You will be busy bonding with you new bundle of joy and making the necessary adjustment to your new life as a new momma.  You will be sleep deprived, sore and it will take some time to find time to do anything but take care of your new baby.  You will be happy if you get the chance to shower.    I had an emergency C-section, and a tiny 2lb 12 oz NICU baby, so I could have cared less about fashion until I knew my little munchkin was ok.  All those shallow thoughts have left my mind and all I cared about was my baby being OK.   Eventually things will get back to normal and you will have a routine that works for you and your family.   For me it was about 10 weeks before had to look decent again, and even at that point only because I was returning to work.   I did not realize it till I dressed up, but I was ready.   I was ready to be me again.  I was ready to blow dry my hair and put my make up on.  I was ready to get my confident self back.    Now 7 months later I feel great aside from sleepless night here and there and let me share a couple of post baby fashion tips with you:


Comfortable clothes: If it pulls and pinches you will not wear it.  You will be running errands with new babes and bending down, twisting, lifting, the last thing you need are clothes that are restricting or uncomfortable.    Leggings and tunics and stretchy and flowy things can be your best friends during this transitional time.   

Comfortable shoes:  Flats & low-heeled shoes/boots.   I always thought I would wear my heels after I had the baby.  But let me tell you: it’s hard to log around a car sear in 4” heels without falling on your face.   Comfortable flats have become a staple in my everyday wear, and my 4” heels have been saved for special events.   My personal favorite is a pair of leopard flats.  It’s still fun, but also comfortable.  

Pants:  I wore my maternity pants for about 2 months after having my baby.  They were just basic black skinny pants with a super stretchy waistband and it was great.   If you have a C-section I will take longer for you to be able to get back into your jeans and regular pants.  My scar was very sensitive for several months and I could not wear anything too tight on it.  So don’t be afraid to wear your maternity pants for several months after baby.  Also don’t shy away from comfortable leggings and stretchy skinny pants: They can make you looks pounds lighter with the right top.   And by right top I don’t mean super tight tank top.   What I mean is a looser fitting longer top / tee / blouse that preferably covers your buttocks. 

Loose tops / tees / blouses:  Ladies this trend is really great for after prego body.   Despite knowing that after having the baby most women still have a sizable belly, I never expected to look so pregnant for almost 7 weeks after having my baby.   Needless to say I was not prepared, so if you must do shopping while pregnant, buy a couple of looser fitting tops & blouse.   Stay away from baby doll styles that will enhance your no longer baby bump.   Trust me I own many flowy tops now.  About 2 weeks after having my baby girl I was grabbing a cookie at the hospital’s cafeteria and here is what happened:   
Checkout girl: OMG your baby bump is so cute!  
Me: Um Thanks, but I’m not pregnant. 
Checkout girl: Ohhh I’m sorry! It will go away!  
Me: Great, thanks. 
Needless to say if I ever have another babes I will be more prepared.   Another lesson learned: don’t comment on baby bumps unless you know for sure the person is pregnant! 
My Ann Taylor LOFT Picks for post baby Fashion
Washable Materials: With a new baby getting clothes that are easily cleanable is a must.   Most of my clothes are soft cotton, machine washable stuff.   It’s inevitable that some of babes spit up, drool, poop will end up on you.   Accidents happen, you can’t prevent them.   So stay away from dry clean and easily damageable materials.   

Jewelry:   Not sure what it is but babies love grabbing jewelry & dangling things.   Especially for the first year or two, most likely you will not be able to wear tons of statement jewelry.  Especially that cheap custom jewelry, I would avoid as the last thing I want in my babies mouth is one those items.   If you like to accessorize, I recommend fun scarves.  But the same material rule applies to those too:  make sure they are washable.  

Nail Polish:  As pretty as nicely manicured nails can look, for the most part best to avoid on your fingers!  The last thing you want is your baby chewing on your finger and getting a dose of chipping nail-polish! 

One last word of advice: If you are questioning whether or not something is still appropriate, you probably shouldn’t wear it.   I’m not telling you to dress like a nun.  But I highly advise you to make sure you ladies are covered, you buttocks are not hanging out of your shorts/skirt and it never looks good when I see a new mom with her underwear peaking out.   My general rule is if you are showing a lot of leg, cover your top half a bit and vice versa.   Unless you are hitting the beach, I think it’s always better to cover a bit more than less!


  1. Thanks! This is great timing for me, as my baby is due this week!

  2. I love this! I too was on early leave (though not bedrest) and since sleeping was at a minimum I online shopped as well. I bought one pair of jeans two weeks post-partum (a size smaller than usual) and also a pair of wedges hoping my feet wouldn't get too big as well!
    the body does crazy things but now I'm back in all my pre-baby clothes and a few smaller sizes too!
    great tips!

  3. All the babies are so cute and loving, so dress them with nice newborn baby clothes is so fantastic.

  4. Jewelry are bit dangerous when it comes to babies. Specially the stones and sharp edges in Jewelry .


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