Sunday, September 30, 2012

Today was the first day in the last 4 months that I was not able to get together a post for the blog!  :( You see I've been having a rough time keeping up with everything these past few weeks.   My job has been super demanding (60+ hours),  baby is going thru some horrendous crying / teething process and I'm one very tired momma.  I've never been this stressed out in my life.  My sweet baby girl has been a tough baby from the beginning, she is a little troublemaker! This mommy business has turned out to be a whole lot more challenging than I have ever imagined.   I'm not leaving blogging, but I must take it a bit slower.   For start I will take the weekends off!  I'm hoping to post about 4 times a week with at least 3 outfit related posts!   I'm sure in the future I will get back to posting every day, but for now I must take it a bit easy, probably at least till after the holidays.   I blog for fun & I don't want this space to become a chore for me.   Thank you to all my wonderful readers who check my blog every day, I do appreciate it!  

She only looks innocent....


  1. Totally understandable. You gotta take care of yourself first.

  2. Hi there! I can't even remember how I found your awesome little blog but I LOVE your taste and have purchased too many things already because of your posts! In any case, I read quite a few blogs and you are literally the ONLY one who posts every day! Most people I read post 3x a week and take weekends should not feel bad doing the same! Enjoy your baby and take care of yourself!

  3. Don't feel bad! I recently slowed down too when we were moving. You have to take care of yourself first. Enjoy your extra time with your little one!!

  4. Enjoy a little down time, you deserve it. :) Hope your little angel's teeth come in soon. That can be so miserable. My little guy got some relief from gnawing on frozen mini bagels. :) Odd sounding, but they really worked.

  5. That is totally understandable:) Keeping up a blog is a lot of work. Enjoy your baby & good luck with the teething. Have you tried teething tablets from Hylands? Those worked like a charm for my kids:)
    xo, amy


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