Jcrew Anchor Tee & Lucky Brand Eyelet Skirt!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy 1st day of September! Today's outfit is one that I had in mind for a while but never actually had the chance to wear it. So this weekend we have a family gathering and I decided to wear it before it gets too cold for it!  It's a nice soft tee from JCrew and a stretch waist skirt from Lucky Brand.  It's a skirt that I fully intended on wearing while pregnant but never had the chance!   The skirt is a bit shorter than I would normally wear but it's nice and airy for a warm late summer day!

Outfit {Tee} JCrew Anchors aweigh Tee $25 - Get it here  {Skirt} Lucky Brand Navy Eyelet Skirt - few years old  {Necklace} Large Turquoise Drop Pendant Necklace via Etsy  {Sandals} Abercrobie & Fitch Brown Leather Flip Flops $24 - Similar

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