Nail Polish Test {Review}: Orly Passion Fruit, Kiss the Bride, Bonder & Top Coat

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am totally for shortcuts when it comes to beauty and beautifying processes! In all honestly I have never given myself a proper meni or pedi since there is just too many steps that are involved. I was at CVS about 2 weeks ago and saw this base coat & top coat by ORLY and it was advertising that it will last up to two weeks!   Two weeks???  My nail-polish normally chips after a few days!  I was intrigued.   So I went ahead and shelled out the $15 for both and a couple of days later while baby was sleeping decided it was time.  Time for me to do my nails the proper way. 

I applied 1 coat of the ORLY Bonder base, then the next layer of nailpolish was pretty hard to apply on top of it!  Definitely needed a second coat after that base!  But I guess this is part of the process to make it adhere to your nails better!  Waited a few minutes then applied 1 coat of the ORLY Won't Chip top coat.  Then the waiting game begun for it to dry.  All while I was keeping my fingers crossed that munckin won't wake up till my nails are dry.

TIP: After a few minutes of air drying, run cold water on your nails to speed up the drying process!  

Base Coat Used:  Orly Bonder Base Coat - Get it here
Top Coat Used:  Orly Won't Chip Top Coat - Get it here
Nail Color Used:  Orly Kiss the Bride (gorgeous very light pink) - Get it here
Toe Nail Color Used: Orly Passion Fruit (neon hot pink, very bright!!) - Get it here

I was pretty impressed with how long it ended up lasting.  I went 5 days with absolutely no chips, and I'm NOT gentle on my nails.  Between washing baby bottles and cleaning the house, typing all day at work, nail-polish usually doesn't stand a chance!  I went around 8 days of it looking pretty good, with only some minor chipping!  On day 9 it just really started peeling off, so I removed it!  I guess maybe if you are gentler with your hands it could last the two weeks but not for me!  Although it did not give me two weeks of beautiful nails, I was still very happy with the results. I had professional manicure's chip quicker than this! The pedicure is still perfect two weeks later, but my pedicures always last so it's not as impressive for me.  Another thing worth mentioning is that the Won't Chip Top Coat has a crazy shine and the pretty shine lasted about 3-4 days on my hands and still got the nice shine on my toes!  The Orly Kiss the Bride is one of my favorite nail-polish colors, it's such an easy to wear neutral and goes with just about anything.    It's pink but not in an obnoxious way. It's a barely there pink.   The Orly Passion Fruit is the exact opposite.   It's extremely pink and neony!!   I'm not sure I would ever wear it on my hands, but definitely a great toe nail color!

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  1. good to know - I'm definitely going to check this out! xo


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