Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Thursday!  The week is almost over!  It's been a super busy week, and I've been crazy busy.  Between being fully loaded at work and trying to find a new car, I'm ready for the weekend!    Gosh I forgot how irritating it is to deal with car sales people!   One day they tell you they can't lower the price, the next day they call you to see if they can work something out! I'm definitely going to wait for the right deal and will keep that car for just as long as I had my Altima (11+ years now)!  

{Sweater} JCrew Handpainted Heart Print Sweater
{Pants} Ann Taylor LOFT Red Straight Pants (only $7 on clearance couple months back!!!)
{Shoes} Guess Logo Print Patent Toe Pumps (really old via Marshalls)
{Bracelet}Cara Accessories Sliced Leather Studded Bracelet $31 during Anniversary Sale in Gold - Get it here


  1. such a cute sweater! xo

  2. love those shoes!!

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of a car are you looking at? My 2002 Passat is done for, unfortunately, and I have NO idea what to get. Was actually considering the Altima. The only requirement I have is that the backseat be big enough for the huge convertible carseat! Surprisingly, it is a tight fit in our Xterra backseat.

    1. I decided the most likely I will go with the Volvo XC60, probably a 2010 with low mileage! Some of them actually have 2 booster seats on the back built in that you can fold out! The XC60 seemed spacious & very comfortable but not massively huge. Plus the safety ratings on that model are really one of best I've seen on this type of car! Gas mileage is a bit sucky, but I don't have too long of drive anymore so should be able to manage!

  3. awesome I will have to check it out!


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