Sunday, October 28, 2012

So it seems that once again we have a massive storm that might hit Connecticut starting today. Last year around this time we lost power for two weeks with a freak winter storm and Halloween had to be postponed in our neighborhood! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't loose power because I will loose a whole lot of frozen milk if we do. Unfortunately we don't have a generator, even though we swore that after loosing power for such a extended period for sure we were suppose to get one. Well at least we're not close to the shore, so hopefully we'll be ok! The leaves have been absolutely gorgeous around here, but I think the winds that are predicted will rip the last of them off the trees so this past weekend I tried to get as much outside time as possible to enjoy the beautiful views! My outfit was inspired by the pretty fall colors all around. Paired my mustard jeans with a sparkly brownish/tannish over sized sweater (this sweater was great last fall when I was trying to hide my pregnancy!)

{Sweater} Express London Sweater in Sparkling Brown (last years) 
{Jeans} Charlie Skinny Jeans in Gypsy Sun - Get it here
{Boots} BCBG Malino Boots in luggage (from Marshalls $125) - Get it here

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