Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I've been trying to pretty up my nails a bit more lately, and couple of weeks ago we had a wedding that got me wanting to give my nails the wa wa woom factor! I always loved red nail-polish, but I think there is a fine line for being able get away with it.   I found this pretty Orly Nail polish at my local pharmacy and it's red but not obnoxious. The color is called Cherry Bomb.  It has a hint of fallish color to it a slight light red orangish tint.    It's a super pretty medium metallic red, and very easy to apply.   I always love it when a nail-polish has good coverage, and I was able to get away with only one coat.  Huge plus for me since it dries much quicker.  I also found that the less coat I apply of a nail polish the longer it will last without chipping!  This is probably the brightest I have ever gone on my fingernails!  I called this color the red for wussies!   It lasted for about 4 days before it started chipping.   No base coat, but did apply a coat of top coat to make is more shinny. Ignore the messy paint job, I'm horrible at painting my nails, but the pictures should give you a good idea of this pretty color!   GET IT HERE.

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