Saturday, November 3, 2012

So it's been a while since I've done one of these posts but here is few items that I'm eyeing for a good sale! Call it my Christmas wishlist :) Wink wink hint hint! Want to get some animal print tops, especially loving that Old Navy Owl sweater, and definitely want some sweater leggings!  And that GAP heart tee is in my shopping cart waiting for a decent sale! I'm going to buy that pon pon hat too, it will be perfect for walking the doggie & baby in the colder months ahead.  I'm still debating on the dollman sleeve top, I know I want it but just don't know which colors! (I love the lilac, fuchsia, yellow, red & grey colors, but can't get more than 2)  I also love the polka dot leggings & slippers, need some more polka dots in my life :).  What is on your wishlist?  Post in the comments below! 

6. GAP Pieced Dollman Tee (can't decide on the color: i like the lilac, fuchsia, red & grey one!)
14. GAP Raglan Heart Tee (Oh I really want this!!) 


  1. I love that grey poncho and I just ordered a mohait sweater with a lion on it..those naimal prints are huge right..I hope I continue to wear it, I'm nervous that I just bought something OVERLY trendy.
    I really need some wedge kicks..other than that I think I am good.
    That black and white poncho is so similar to the shirt I am wearing in my current post..lol!
    Have a good weekend hun!
    Sheree xxx

  2. love that penguin shirt. Great picks


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