Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This past weekend I went to BabiesRus since they had a $25 off two boxes of diaper coupon, and it ended up being cheaper than any other store or even online.  Right next to the baby stuff store is a nice outside mall that houses some of my favorite stores, and since it was a gorgeous day I went for a little walk with Miss Emma.   Of course GAP was having 30% off everything and LOFT was having 40% off everything, so I picked up a few things!  This sweater was perfect. Super-warm, but has no itchy wool!  Love the contrasting neon pink and navy stripes!  I got lucky too, since the store had this one tall size, so someone must have returned it!  I love tops in tall size since they are longer!

We also had Emma's NICU follow up developmental appointment today, and it went pretty good.   They gave us some exercises to do with Emma to help her strengthen her lower legs.   They said it's pretty common with preemies to have a weaker lower leg.  Doc said that it's holding her back from crawling, so we get a series of things we gotta do with her as many times a day as possible. (Bicycle movements & massage the lower leg to name a few!)    So we got our homework cut out for us!  But thankfully she is doing very well especially for her adjusted age!  She is at her actual age for motor skill and language so they were very happy with how well she has done!  And of course she was a charmer giving away free smiles the whole time! 

{Sweater} GAP Colorblock Stripe Sweater (35% off now with Gap Credit card!) - Get it here
{Jeans} JBrand Medium Wash Skinny Jeans (via TJMaxx)
{Boots} BCBG Malino Boots in luggage (from Marshalls $125) - Get it here

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  1. Forgot to tell you I am a new follower!

    1. Welcome to the blog Pamela! I will go check you out!

  2. Super cute sweater, love it! I just ordered two tops from GAP online over the weekend that you have posted. I can't wait to get them and see how they look on me! Are you able to post some of the other purchases you've recently made? Even if it's just the links to them. I've missed out on some the newer stuff you buy because by the time you wear it or post an outfit wearing it, they are sold out. :-(


    1. Hope you love them when they arrive! I just posted everything I got at the GAP, and will post the things I got at the LOFT this weekend! Thanks for following along :)

  3. super cute outfit...and i would kill to have those long legs of yours! found you through the linkup!

  4. Love that sweater!


  5. Hello honey,you look lovely in this sweater,can you tell me what size is this?kisses


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