Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here is a few (way too many) things I picked up at the GAP sale.  In addition I also got a few of the things that were on my wishlist HERE.    (from the last list I ordered the Dolman Tee in Grey & Fuchsia,  the Red Puffer Vest, The Black Plaid Flannel Shirt). I got the GAP Heart Tee back when I posted it originally since I was afraid it would sell out!   I also got a few things for my husband and brother for Christmas which I will post sometimes next week!  Neither read the blog so it's OK :). And of course had to get a few cute little things for Miss Emma.  The flannel shirt dress I didn't like when I saw it online, but looks super cute on!  Even though it's a bit darker in color than what I normally wear I love it!   The polka dot jeans are way cool!  Not only does it have polka dots but it sparkles!! Needless to say I think I'm done shopping for a while.  Giving my LOFT and GAP card a little vacation.   This weekend I will post what I got at the LOFT!  


  1. omg, I have that sweater and pants in my cart right now!!! lol just waiting on my pimp (my husband) to lay his wallet down somewhere.

  2. Thanks for posting this!

    Olivia :-)

  3. love those jeans! dots and sparkles oh my!


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