Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend it with your loved ones.   This year I have so  much to be thankful for.   I think back to last year and so much has happened, it's been an unexpected whirlwind of a year. Between bed-rest all sorta scares with the babe it's been a rough year.  I'm so super thankful for having a good team of doctors who recognized early that something was wrong and ensured that my Emma was delivered safely.   I'm also thankful for the wonderful nurses of the NICU.  Have you guys ever seen those NICU nurses in action???  I have never in my life met people that cared so much, and were so great at dealing with those tiny babies. So amazing what they can do.  (My Emma was about 2.5 lb's at birth, one of the smaller but def. not the smallest there!)  I'm thankful for having a very supportive family, especially my mom who has helped us so much over this past year.  She brought me Dunkin Donuts almost every morning in the hospital (if you had an extended stay at the hospital the food gets old pretty quick!) , babysits whenever we need her and all around simply the most amazing mom EVER.  Thankful for my husband and mom driving me to the hospital for those 2 weeks after my C section that I could not drive myself.   Thankful for my friends who spent countless hours with me at the hospital to try to help me get thru bed-rest and not knowing what's going to happen phase. My best friend went shopping for preemie clothes once we knew I was gone have a tiny munchkin.   Thankful for my job and bosses for being so flexible with me this past year, I know not everyone is that lucky.  Thankful for my husband putting up with my bit of shopping addiction.  Wow it's overwhelming to think how much I have to be thankful for.   And I'm most thankful for the amazing healthy  little girl we were blessed with, who now has taken over my beloved iPhone.   Have a wonderful day, eat lots of good food and hopefully you all have the chance to reflect on all the good things in your lives.  

What? You want this back??

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