Saturday, November 17, 2012

As promised here are the items I picked up this past weekend at the LOFT 40% off Friends & Family sale!  I also got Savings cards which will come in handy when I will purchase the items on my wishlist! Hopefully they won't sell out till then.  Check back tomorrow to see what's on my LOFT wishlist!   The stripe tee I got lucky with, I asked the sales associate at the store if they had it, and they did, but it was still in the back!  But she was nice enough to grab one for me, so I was able to snag a brand new arrival at 40% off! Wahoooo!   The scarf was also an unexpected purchase, but it's so pretty in person you guys!  Has lots of sparkly treads and just a really pretty color!  Did you guys buy anything at the Friends & Family sale?

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