Sunday, November 4, 2012

This weekend I'm really trying to get organized so I'm not scrambling around last minute for meals and such.  So the last two hours I spend chopping up veggies and sorting out our meal plan for the week.  I also made a whole bunch of home made baby good for my sweet little baby girl. We do buy the store stuff sometimes, but I don't 100% trust it.  Oh and let me tell you!  Finally Emma's personalty is starting to come out, and she is just awesome.  We went shopping yesterday and she is smiling, giggling and waving to everybody!  She is so friendly and outgoing! I love it & I'm so trying to find reasons to leave the house so I can show her off :).  I think this is my favorite phase so far, but it seems to just keep getting better (I know this sounds bad but I really didn't like the newborn phase!)

So this outfit might look a tad familiar to some of you.. it's actually the same exact outfit I wore in the GAP leather jacket post a few weeks back.  This is how I actually wore this outfit to one of my good friends daughters 1st birthday party.  It was comfortable which was huge considering I was lugging Miss Emma around and playing with her and a few other babies just slightly older than her.   As you guys see,  for the most part I stick to small more timeless jewelry.  I don't believe in splurging in expensive custom jewelry and very rarely will spend the money to do so.  Plus the reality of it is that those huge pieces of fashion jewelry don't really work with my life as a mommy.   It's uncomfortable and chances are Emma would mistake them for her personal toys and it would end up getting ripped off.  And as I mentioned before, I just simply prefer more dainty jewelry, and if you think about it, do we ever see celebrities with huge pieces out there?  Just saying!  Of course it looks great on others, but it's not for me!  What do you think?  Are you for the huge necklace trend?

{Jacket} Hudson Denim Jacket - Nordstom Clearance Sale
{Tee}GAP Purebody V Neck Long Sleeve Tee in White (left over from my pregnancy) - Get it here 
{Pants}Abercrombie & Fitch Red Jeggings - Get it here
{Flip Flops} Abercrombie & Fitch Brown Leather Flip Flops

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  1. Love the red pants - wish I could pull that off.

    That's so cute about seeing her little personality come out! As a first-time mom of an 18-month old little boy, I have to say that I think it's just gotten better and better from about the 9-month mark on (I totally agree that the newborn stage was very had and not very fun). Every month so far from about 9 mos to 18 mos, we've been saying to eachother, "this is the best age ever!" I just hope it keeps getting better from here!

    Also, on the outgoing thing, our little guy was super outgoing, flirting with everyone, etc whenever we were out, but just this past month he's started becoming shy, so now I just don't know whether he's an introvert or an extrovert! Will be fun to see if Emma stays outgoing :)

  2. The times when our little ones personalities start to come out are the best. My favorite age was 3 years old for my girls. They really show their personalities then! Your outfit is perfect for a busy mom on the go. Love the red denim. Heather

  3. I this is one of my favorite combos, red and denim; you look absolutely adorable! Babies are so amazing at that age! I am your newest follower via Bloglovin from Glamamom's Monday Mingle and loving your blog! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!



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