Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hope you guys are having a great weekend. Here are a few great coupon codes from Express.  Keep in mind that each can be used only once, so hurry!   It would be nice if you could leave a comment if you used a coupon letting peeps know you used it! Hint hint! Coupons are valid from November 24 - January 1!   And now here are my picks!  Happy shopping!

1.Express Marled Open Cascading Cardigan (I ordered this for me) - Get it here
2.Express Sparkle Sweater Leggings (I have it in neutral & black, these are way way more sparkly & prettier in person!) - Get it here
3.Express Striped Dolman Sleeve Tunic Sweater - Get it here
4.Express Crochet Linen Tunic (I own a very similar top from a few years ago!)  - Get it here
5.Express Glitter Wristlet - Get it here
6.Express Studded Leather Gloves - Get it here
7.Express Multi color metallic sequin hi-lo hem Tank (I also got this) - Get it here

COUPON CODES (Valid: Nov 24 - Jan 1)
1111996646004005 - $75 off 200
1111996646004003 - $50 off 150 or $30 off $100 or $15 off $30
1163187625004088- $30 off $75 or $15 off 
9912345685483852 - $20 off $50 or $50 off $125 or $80 off $240


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