Thursday, December 13, 2012

So one of my favorite stores is having a great clearance sale! Until this morning at 10AM they were having extra 60% off sale prices. While pumping this morning ( I know TMI) I ended up ordering a few (correction: way too many) items.  My grand total came to $137, after taxes and all, but I got tons of stuff for it.   Here is what I picked up!  Right now you can still get extra 50% off the sale prices.   But I wanted to make sure I shared with you guys what I got in case you are interested!  Happy Shopping!  And just like I will be going on a food diet after the holidays, I'm gone have to put myself on a shopping diet too.

I also had a gift card left for Macy's from my birthday back in May that I finally used to grab a few things!  Here is what I got. 

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