Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today's outfit is another one that works well if your like me and been over indulging in the yummy office holiday food! Every single day someone is bringing in pies, cookies and all sort of homemade goodies. And what am I to do? I mean I can't be rude and decline it or anything like that ;). I've been eating so much food that my stomach could be mistaken for a 4 month baby bump (which I can reassure you it's not). These ruffly shirts are perfect for that. Does not create much bulk but hides what doesn't need to be seen. Right after the holidays though I'm going back to my healthy diet, but right now there is just so much yumminess all around me, and I have ZERO willpower! Are you guys doing better than me with all this food around?   How do you keep yourself from piggin' out?

{Jacket} Ann Taylor LOFT Striped Knit Jacket (Summer 12 - Sold out online, but you may find it in stores)
{Tank}Ann Taylor LOFT Optic Dot Print Woven Tiered Knit Tank - Get it here
{Pants} LOFT Ponte Pants (2009) - Similar
{Boots} BCBG Malino Boots in luggage (from Marshalls) - Get it here  
{Necklace} Turquoise teardrop necklace vie Etsy

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  1. Last comment, I swear, but I am in love with your boots.

    Also, I have no freaking idea how some people can look at all the delicious treats and chocolates people bring in to the office and NOT eat them. I try to avoid the break room, and going GF has helped a little, but I can only handle temptation so long [2 minutes MAX]before I cave.


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