Sunday, December 16, 2012

So Old Navy was having a great sale for babies:  Buy 3 baby items and get the 4th one free. So I headed there because Miss Emma, needed some tops.  We have plenty of pants and onsies and holiday outfits, but have very few top/ tees.  So I picked up 4 tees for her for a grand total of $15.  I'm very pleased with the quality too, Old Navy has really improved their stuff lately!   I also bought myself the fox sweater & a Christmas tree tee, both which are sold out online, but were ample left at the store!   As I mentioned the other day if you love these critter sweaters from Old Navy, don't fall for the eBay seller's way overpriced listings.  Just head to your local Old Navy, they had tons of it!   Once I got home, I decided to browse online for a bit and ordered a few more things for Emma! Could not beat the sale price with the additional 30% off on top.   One great thing about having the GAP/Old Navy / BR card is that no matter how small my order is, I get free shipping & free returns.   I seriously ordered $3 baby leggings in the past and got free shipping!  Def. one store credit card that is worth having, but only if you can pay it off in full every month!   Now that I have ran out of all my baby shower gifts for baby Emma, all the clothes and stuff she needs does add up a bit!  I was spoiled by all the gifts I received for her at my showers!  I think we will be doing lots more shopping for her at Old Navy in the future, as she grows out of things like crazy now!

On a completely unrelated note, just want to tell you guys that I'm very flattered on the requests that I got about my hair routine / makeup and trying to figure out how to post it all!  My routine is actually quiet simple, and I'm certain most of you guys do a way better job.  But just wanted to mention it so those who requested don't feel like I'm ignoring you!  I have a few long weekends coming up around the holidays so hopefully will have some time to put it together :)  You can buy all these and more at HERE AT OLD NAVY.COM.


  1. Well, pretty good collection for our adorable ones. Nice and charm printing though! Also mommy’s outfits looking good too.


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