Monday, December 17, 2012

Since Friday's horrific events, I haven't been able to think of much else.  I wonder how someone can do such heinous act. I wonder what would drive someone to hurt innocent children?  I just don't understand. Being a mom, I fear nothing more than loosing my baby, and can't imagine what some of those families are dealing with now.    I live about an our from that school, and needless to say our entire state in in shock.   You hear the same questions asked over and over again.  How can this happen in a nice town like Newtown?  People move there for the school systems, it's really a wonderful place to live.  I worked in Newtown, would have never in a million years thought something like this could happen there.  I have a friend who has two little girls that attend Sandy Hook Elementary.  I can't imagine rushing to that school wondering if your child is OK. (Her babies were safe). I pray for all those innocent children and teachers that senselessly lost their lives.   I hope their families can find some sort of closure, although I'm not sure it's possible.  Only time will tell.   Needless to say I spent the whole weekend hugging my baby girl & feeling blessed while my heart was aching for those who can't do the same. 

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