Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! I'm busy today tying up all the loose ends for the holidays, few last minute gifts to wrap, a few errands to run & maybe some baking to do! :)   You guys may notice that sometimes I wear the same pants / boots for days in a row.  Yes it's true.   But let me tell you!  It sure saves me time when getting dressed & less laundry to do as well.   It's much easier to think of only the top part of your outfit then having to create a whole new outfit from scratch.  And it's especially totally OK when you are going to completely different places!   It's between me and you guys! Shhhhhh....

{Cardigan}Ann Taylor LOFT Grey Striped Brooch Sweater (few years old)
{Tee} GAP Shiny Metallic Star Print Tee - Get it here
{Jeans} JBrand 811 Mid-rise Skinny Jeans (Marshalls)
{Boots} Steve Madden P-Laney Flat Boots in Taupe (got mine at TJMaxx) - Get it here


  1. Oh I totally love the new bow thing at the top of the screen under your name and in the url box thing. Its so adorable it reminds me of this bow cardi i got from the limited this year.

  2. Ooh those boots, they are amazing!!

    Janine xx

  3. Love the start top, looking to order it online. Does it run true to size? I'm usually a small, but sometimes an x-small depending on the cut.

    Olivia :-)

    1. I'm wearing a small in tall! Runs big to me, but I wanted it a bit roomy!

    2. I'll give it a try then...Thanks! :-)


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