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Saturday, June 30, 2012

An unexpected 2 hour nap...
Wanting to buy mint color nail-polish only to realize I already did last year...
Emma Working on Sitting up and succeeding for a few seconds...
Delicious fresh picked strawberries...
A strawberry coolata from Dunkin Donuts!

Frech Connection Colorful Tee & Jeans! Casual Saturday!

Casual Saturday Outfit!   I usually wear long jeans running errands since I freeze in the stores!   Found this tee at TJMaxx a while back and the crazy colors just caught my eye.   I'm taking Miss Emma with me and therefore keeping accessories to a minimum since she thinks my jewelries are her toys!  :)

:: Outfit Details::

Tee: Frech connection Bold Stripe Tee  $24.99 Via TJMaxx
Jeans:  Ann Taylor LOFT Modern Skinny Jeans (2010) $40
Shoes:  Steve Madden NICEGIRL Flats-Get it here- $29
Bracelet:  Ann Taylor LOFT Coral Coil Bracelet (2010) $12

Another Flash Back Friday! White Beaded Dress, Turquoise Accessories & Some more Vera Bradley!

Friday, June 29, 2012

My flash back Friday continues!  :)   This dress I purchased from Boston Proper years ago, and was one of my favorites on my honeymoon!   Paired it with turquoise jewelry and gold sandals !   

:: Outfit Details:: 

Dress: Boston Proper White Beaded Dress $65 on clearance! - Get similar here
Necklace:  Turquoise Necklace Via Ebay $40
 Bracelet: Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Turquoise Bracelet- Get similar here- $15
Sandals: Michael Kors Gold Low Heel Wedge Sandals $40 via TJMaxx (last summer)
Purse:  Vera Bradley Side by Side Tote in Java blue $30 - Get it here

LOFT Leopard Dress & Some bright accessories! & Some Pump Issues

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rough day yesterday!  Nothing could have ruined my day more than getting a call from the NICU at the hospital telling me that the pump I rented needs to be returned ASAP!  Now I'm scrambling to find one that I can afford (these professional ones start at 1k+).    As I mentioned before we had rough go with this pregnancy & birth and my sweet little girl was born nearly 2 months early.   I need that darn pump to be able to feed her!   So now I'm searching Craigslist & eBay hoping for a deal! Wish they told me originally that I could only rent it for a limited time, I probably would have just purchased one from the get-go.   Suggestions anyone?  

On a happy note about two weeks ago when I redeemed my savings cards LOFT has just got this dress in stock and I went ahead and purchased it!  At 50% off it was a great deal, and I needed some leopard print in my  life :)    It's lightweight soft jersey and perfect for summer.  Will be able to layer it for fall too with some leggings and boots!  And I do miss my boots, I know it's kinda early, but last boot season I was on bed-rest and barely got to wear boots!    Decided to pair it with some bright coral accessories to make is more summery!

:: Outfit Details ::

Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT Leopard Print Cap sleeve Dress -Get it here-$30 (used savings cards!)
Belt: Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Belt -Get similar here-$15
Shoes:  Bandolino ZAFFLE Peep-toe Pumps via TJMaxx (2010)   $20
Bracelet:  Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Beaded Bracelet Spring 2012 -Get similar here- $12

LOFT Bright Orange Blazer, JCrew Ikat Embellished Tank & Black Skinny Pants...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Way back in the day my first job out of college was in the banking world and the dress code was suits and blazers every single day.  Once I left that job, I could not wait to donate all those clothes and enjoy a more casual & stylish wardrobe.  I pretty much have stayed away from blazers till I found this semi-casual version in a fun color with pretty girly details and I was immediately sold! It's a burnt orange color with ruffle detail on the back!   It has a zipper front which makes it a bit more casual and since my workplace now is pretty casual this style works better for me!   I paired it with my embellished ikat tank from JCrew factory store and pretty surprised how many things I've been able to pair this bluish purplish tank with.  (worn before here)   The tank is still online for only $19.50!!

My Rules for Casual Chic Blazers:  
1. Fun Color or Stripes/Patterns (No florals for me)
2. Unusual Shape or style (no collar, mandarin collar, cropped etc.)
3. Fabric:  Lightweight cotton or stretchy ponte knit or sweater material
4. Fun Details:  Either ruffles, zipper, tie belt, just something extra! 

Do you have any rules when shopping for blazers? 

On a personal note my princess started to sleep thru the night! I feel like a million bucks!  Have not had a full night of sleep in about 7 months so this past few days have been great!  :)  Been pretty good about her nighttime routine, bath at 8pm then some milk then she's been passing out around 9:30ish!  And been sleeping till about 6:00am!  Whohoo!   Now onto the next challenge, she will be reaching 6 months soon I have to decide what solids to start her off with! 

:: Outfit Details::

Blazer:  Ann Taylor LOFT Blazer $54 (Winter 2011)
Tank:  Jcrew Factory Printed Sequin Tank in Purple Ikat - Get it here - $19.50
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT Ponte Skinny Pants Spring 2010  - $30
Shoes:  Bandolino ZAFFLE Peep-toe Pumps via TJMaxx (2010)   $20
Bracelet:  Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Beaded Bracelet Spring 2012 -Get similar here- $12

 Today I'm joining Marionberry Style  for her Trend of the month linkup for June which was bright blazers! Also linking up with The Pleated Poppy & Rolled up Pretty.

GAP Mint 1969 Cropped Legging Jeans & LOFT Coral Sweater with Gold Accessories

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another outfit post for today!  I was giddy with excitement when I got home today to find my new GAP mint skinny jeans at my doorstep.  Decided to do a quick post about it since these GAP colored jeans tend to sell out very fast!   Here is my review of them!  I love love these pants!  They are soft and super comfy, way softer and stretchier than regular jeans, which makes them very comfortable for busy moms like me! The waist is also a tad higher so it's great for bending down and having to lug around my princess!  I'm 5'6" and these cropped pants are the perfect lenght to wear with flats of heels.   The color I purchased is called aqua glaze but looks like a nice mintish color in person!  I'm very tempted to buy another pair, I love the Calypso color as well!  We will see!   Paired it with a coral sweater from the LOFT, LOFT sandals and some gold jewelry!

What do you think of my yellow nails?? (had to sneak my favorite color in somewhere! ) Someone today looked at my toenails and said "What is wrong with your toenails? Do you need to go see somebody? " Thanks but my toes are OK.   Hmmmm. He so doesn't know what's cool.  :) 


:: Outfit Details ::

Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT Poncho Sweater $29 (sold out online)
Tank: GAP Maternity Ribbed Tank in white  $6 - Get it here
Jeans: GAP 1969 Cropped Leggings Jeans in Aqua Glaze - $50 (used $20 rewards) - Get it here
Sandals:   Ann Taylor LOFT Gold Giana Sandals $32 - Get it here
Necklace: Ann Taylor LOFT Gold-tone Long Necklace (few years old) - Get similar here
Coral Bracelet: Ann Taylor LOFT Coil Coral Bracelet $12  -  Get similar here
White Bangle Bracelet:  Mythologie Bangle Bracelets $12.99 each via TJMaxx 

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Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

Express Coupon Codes! $40 off $120, $75 off $250, $30 off $90, $50 off $150

Just received a whole bunch of Express coupons in the mail but will not use them so I'm sharing with Casual Chic Mom Readers!   As a courtesy please leave in the comment box which one you used so people don't keep trying!   Each can be redeemed only once!  Valid Now thru July 29,2012.

Coupon 1- $40 off $120  Code 1118384931005668

Coupon 2 - $75 off $250 Code 1164113127005644

Coupon 3 - $50 off $150, or $30 off $100, or $10 off $30 Code 1164113127005642

Coupon 4 - $30 off $90, or $20 off $60, or $15 off $30 Code 118384931005666

Enjoy!  Hope you find some great items :)

Also just a note on LOFT.   There is a code floating out there for 20% off $100 or more, INSIDER6 that works on specials, however does not work on clearance/markdown items!    So these will work on the 40% off specials they are running right now, not the clearance!

Jcrew Crossover Polka Dot Tee & Loft Floral Scarf...

Today's outfit is very comfortable & casual!   Love this JCrew polka dot tee and paired it with some florals and stripes, but kept everything is the reddish orange color family!   

:: Outfit Details ::

Tee: JCrew Crossover Polka Dot Tee -Get it here-$17
Scarf: Ann Taylor LOFT Floral Scarf  $24 (Spring 2012)
Belt:  Ann Taylor LOFT Orange Striped Stretch Turn-lock Belt -Get similar here-$24
Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT Black Ponte Skinny Pants (2010) $30
Flats:  Steve Madden NICEGIRL Flats-Get it here- $29

Monday Wishlist Items...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Here are a few more items I'm keeping my eyes on & waiting for a good sale!  Click the image to visit website :)

LOFT Wide Stretch Belt
Banana Republic Lace Top

LOFT Tribal Maxi Skirt
GAP Boxy Tee
LOFT Asymmetrical Zip Jacket

BCBG Maxazria Kimono Top & Black Skinny Pants & some colorful Bangle Bracelets!

It's Monday again! Wow where has the weekend gone?   Last Thursday after work I stopped in at my local TJMaxx to check some baby stuff out and not only did I find some super deals on some cute outfit & toys for my little princess but a few items I could not leave behind!!  I found this cute striped kimono top by BCBG Maxazria for $24.99 and a high low hem skirt (will post it soon so check back :))).   I also found these 3 bangle bracelets for $12.99 each.

Mythologie Bangle Bracelets

:: Outfit Details ::

Top:  BCBG Maxazria Striped Kimono Top $24.99 via TJMaxx - Recent so check stores for it!
Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT Black Skinny Ponte Pants $30 (2010)
Bracelets:  Mythologie Bangle Bracelets $12.99 each via TJMaxx
Shoes: Bandolino ZAFFLE Peep-toe Pumps via TJMaxx (2010)   $20

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LOFT Ikat Hot Pink Shorts & Green Sweater & Some TJMaxx Finds!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's been pretty hot out so I'm getting good use out of my shorts!   I purchased these shorts at the LOFT for $16!!  They are comfy linen blend and love the bright pattern.   Feeling bold today so paired it with a green sweater!   I recently found these awesome bangle bracelets that actually fit my arms!!  They usually look too big & bulky on me, but these have a slight oval shape and work better on my skinny limbs!   I bought it in blue, green & white and you will be seeing them a lot in upcoming posts!

:: Outfit Details ::

Sweater:  Ann Taylor LOFT Boat-neck Sweater $17 (2011)
Shorts:  LOFT Linen Cotton Pink Ikat Shorts $16- Get it here
Necklace:  Ann Taylor LOFT White Stone Long Necklace $20 (Recent sold out online but check stores!)
Bracelets: Mythologie Bangle Bracelets $12.99 each via TJMaxx - I'm wearing the green & white one with this outfit!
Shoes: Michael Kors Gold Low Heel Wedge Sandals $40 via TJMaxx (last summer)

LOFT Stirpe Skirt & Rosette Tee... Greys with a hint of coral!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Should be a gorgeous weekend.  Heading to brunch with some friends and the baby.   Everything I'm wearing today is from the LOFT, the tee is a few years old and the skirt is last years!  However the belt and shoes are current!  

:: Outfit Details::

Tee: Ann Taylor  LOFT Chain Rosette Tee   $19 - Get Similar here
Skirt:  Ann Taylor LOFT Stripe Skirt $30 - Get Similar here
Shoes: Ann Taylor LOFT Loretta Tie Wedge Sandals $35 - Get it here
Belt: Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Belt $15 - Sold out online but check stores! - Get similar here
Bracelets:  Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Orange/Pink/Coral Bracelet $10

Flashback Friday! Loft Orage Polka Dot Cami & Ann Taylor Turquoise Cardigan

Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally Friday!   You may notice that my picture today looks a bit different!  That is because I took this outfit picture about a year ago! I came across a bunch of pictures that I thought I had deleted so once in a while I will throw in a post here and there with one of these!  I absolutely love this dotted top and so regret not getting it in yellow last year!  Loft has the same tank this year but without print, so I you like this look you can get the plain tank from the LOFT and pair it with a fun polka dot or printed cardigan!

:: Outfit Details ::

Blouse:  Ann Taylor LOFT tiered dotted tank in Orange (Spring 2011) -Get similar here-$29
Cardigan:  Ann Taylor Turquoise cardigan (Spring 2011)-Get similar here- $35
Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT Skinny Ponte Pants (2010) $30
Necklace: Ann Taylor LOFT 2011  Get Similar here $17
Shoes:  Bandolino ZAFFLE Peep-toe Pumps via TJMaxx (2010)   $20

LOFT Bright Teal Cardigan & GAP White Jeans, LOFT Yellow Flower Jute Belt

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's outfit is very simple!   Paired a classic pair of white cropped pants with a teal cardigan and my new yellow floral belt for a pop of color!   It's the second time this week wearing this belt but I just love the way it looks.  

:: Outfit Details ::

Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT Shirred V Neck 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan in Teal - Get it here - $20 
Belt:  Ann Taylor LOFT Jute Flower Stretch Belt - Get it here - $20 (thanks to my savings cards!!)
Pants:  GAP 1969 Always Skinny White Ankle Pants $24 via Ebay - Get similar here
Shoes:  Bandolino perforated Handheld Pumps in natural leather (few years old) $30

Loft Yellow Peasant Top, Black Skinny Pants & Lucky Brand Leopard Flats...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Wednesday!   I'm wearing a yellow peasant cotton shirt by the LOFT, white tank underneath and my favorite skinny ponte black pants also from the LOFT.   Decided to belt it to give it more of a shape!  I ended up wearing this with the first belt, but also liked it with my floral belt!   Which belt do you like better?

Lucky Brand Emmie Leopard Flats

:: Outfit Details::

Top: Ann Taylor LOFT Cotton Tie Neck Tunic - Get it here or Get it here in a fun print! - $27
Tank: GAP Maternity Ribbed Tank in White - Get it here -$7
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT Ponte Skinny Pants Spring 2010  - $30
Shoes:  Lucky Brand Emmie Flats in Leopard - Get it here or here-$40 (via Victoria's Secret)
 Bracelet: Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Turquoise Bracelet- Get similar here- $15
Belt #1:  JCREW wide double strap belt (2011) $25
Belt #2:  Ann Taylor LOFT Stretch Belt  - Get it here  $15

I'm linking up today with The Pleated Poppy & Rolled up Pretty.

Few items from my never ending wishlist..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm trying to be good about posting items that I love and want to buy once they go on sale!  Here are some items that I will purchase once I like the price.... :)  I especially love that LOFT maxi Skirt and wish it was online last weekend when I was using my savings cards!! Now I wait till a good sale! 
GAP Ikat Tee

GAP 1969 Cropped Leggings in Aqua Glaze

LOFT Stripe Jersey Maxi Skirt
LOFT Salt and Pepper Slub Tank
LOFT Giana T Strap Sandals in Gold
Melinda Exotic Embossed Leather Slingback Pointy Flat

Ann Taylor LOFT Striped Ruffled Shirt Dress & GAP Flats!

Haven't worn this shirt dress in a long time!  It's really comfortable and has pretty ruffles detail on the front!  I'm a sucker for feminine details!   It came with a matching fabric tie belt, but decided to spruce it up with a wide orange stripe stretch belt.  Paired it with comfy flats!

:: Outfit Details ::

Dress:  Ann Taylor LOFT Striped Shirt Dress (2010) $11 via Ebay
Belt: Ann Taylor LOFT Orange Stripe Turnlock Belt Spring 2012 (sold out online) $22
Flats:  GAP Flats Fall 2011- Get similar here - $30

Just a note on these GAP Flats!  They are the most comfortable cushioned flats I have ever owned! 

Monday Steals!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I should be really focusing on work but keep getting sale emails!! But here a few really great deals that I will be getting!! So if you like the outfits I wear I would purchase these now at these great prices! 

JCREW Henley Tunic $13.99

Express Leopard Maxi Skirt $13.99

Express Smocked Waistband Pants - $13.99

Express Dollman Sweater $13.99
JCREW Anchor TEE $21

JCREW Factory Dotted Shorts $28

JCREW Pink Stripe Sweater $24

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