Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday Lovelies!! This was a short long week! Almost every day my car was the last one to leave the parking lot at work. Not cool. Barely spent any time with my munchkin, so I'm one unhappy mamma. This is the life of an accountant at the end/beginning of the month when we're trying to close the books! But I have the weekend to spend with her and makeup for it! Excuse the mess in the picture, she was moving and packing everything around! She has so many toys, but random stuff around the house is more fun to play with. She has also developed an obsession with outlets. She sees one and crawls like a little tornado towards it. Needless to say I got all the outlets plugged in the whole house. My outfit is sorta mismatched, but I like it that way. It's sorta unexpected. I'm wearing my new GAP Chevron sweater with a bright mint scarf and figured why not trow in some red boots! :) Don't forget to link up below!

{Sweater}GAP Intarsia Chevron Sweater in blue combo (I got the mmaternity one for extra length) - Get it here
{Scarf} GAP Lightweight Solid Scarf in ice green (minty lookin)  - Get it here
{Jeans}J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans
{Necklace}Bonnie's CZ Style Bow Necklace (mine is really old, but this looks identical) - Get it here
{Socks}Hunter Welly Cable Socks in Black - Get it here
{Boots} Hunter Original Tall Red Rubber Matte Rain-boots (red is from a few years ago, they still got it in the glossy kind in red - Get it here


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  1. Happy New Year - I think we were in each other's closet this morning - lol. Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be sleeping in!

  2. Love the chevron top & those amazing red Hunter Boots. I will make sure to link up later today, too. =)

    Have a Great Weekend, Tunde.

  3. I understand about the accounting month end thing. I have been dealing with the same thing! Just as soon as I got November finished, December hit me! Cute chevron top and your boots are fab! Heather

  4. Love the red and mint together! So cute! ;)

  5. I hope work calms down for you soon, not fun (especially at this time of year) I really like this outfit, you always look so chic yet relaxed.

    Oh no, the little one discovering the plug sockets (sorry I am a brit and that is what we call them lol) is a scary time for any mum, hope that phase passes soon lol.

    Thanks for hosting the link up, I am going to link mine now and will put your icon etc at the top of the post :)

    Janine xx

  6. Love the wellies

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know.


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