Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hardcore rock punk & military looks don't really come to mind when I think of myself.  For some time I've been loving the military boots trend but haven't had any luck finding a pair that would work for my skinny ankles.  Most shoes would gap too far & look silly on me.  However these Lucky Brand boots area  a tad higher than most and fully adjustable with the lace up detail on the front, and fit my skinny legs like a glove!  And just love this over sized sweater as well.  It's lightweight so will transition into the spring perfectly!  Oh and if you guys got any tips of how to get a baby to sleep, do tell.  Miss Emma has been waking up many times a night lately and sorta crying thru the night even in her sleep, sometimes even when I hold her. I even tried to bring her to my bed and she tosses and flip flops like a fish out on dry land.   And still cries out.  So this makes for one very tired mamma!  She is getting a few more teeth, but I'm wondering if she is just too spoiled!! I seriously can't wait till she can tell me what she needs or what is wrong.   That's all for now.  Have a happy Tuesday!

{Sweater} BB Dakota Over-sized Boxy Honey Sweater in Clementine (50% off now, but I got mine at Dillard's at an even bigger sale!)  - Get it here Or Here
{Tank} GAP White Ribbed Tank (leftover & nice long one from my pregnancy)
{Jeans} Seven 7 for All Mankind Roxanne Original Skinny Distressed Black Legging Jeans via Ebay
{Boots} Lucky Brand Blossom Boots in Black (older)


  1. you look amazing ♥ love your style! ♥

  2. This is a great casual look. Love the boots.



  3. Great boots! I have the skinny ankle issue too. Wish I could give you some tips. My son was the same and eventually with time he slept through the night.
    Good luck.


  4. You are so gorgeous! I love your sweater - the colors are just awesome! I'm glad you found some military boots that work for you. I haven't been able to find any that work good for me yet - they always make my feet look really big and awkward! =) lovely outfit. =)


  5. Our baby was born a few weeks early and also pretty tiny. We recently bought a rock and play by Fisher Price. She is now sleeping through the night at 3 months old. We struggled with her pack and play and crib, finally deciding it wasn't worth it because we needed to sleep too. The cheaper bassinet seems to work best! She can snuggle down into the bassinet and is as happy as a clam!

  6. Are you giving her some tylenol for her teething? It does help. Also, you can check out Baby 411 - an awesome book co-written by a pediatrician. We used the information in there to help with our kiddos sleep habits. Good luck and hope she feels better soon.

  7. Lovely outfit, sorry to hear Emma is waking up and crying a lot. I have no tips to share sorry (no babies yet) but I hope other people can help you :)

    Janine xx
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  8. ADORE the boots and the bright orange!


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