Thursday, January 3, 2013

Since I've been getting some questions about my hair / makeup I figured I would share with you guys the products that I use every single day. I've been using these for years, and it works well for me!  I use 99% Origins, just like the fact the the ingredients are a little more natural than most other makeup brands!  What are your favorite makeup products? 

1.Origins Stay Tuned Foundation (5-Bare) :  I love this makeup.  It's light and makes my skin feel very soft.  Also love that it doesn't make my sensitive breakout prone skin break out.    I use the same color is the winder and summer, and it's slightly more warmer color than my skin-tone.    I recommend going one shade darker/warmer than the makeup sales people tell you.  They always match me up with make up that makes me pale as a ghost, so I always ask, but then go one shade up! (Get it here)

2. All or Nothing Loose Powder:   The wonderful thing about this mineral base powder that in only comes in one sheer color!  No matching up issues.  It was a great job keeping my face grease free for most of the day!  Also so soft on the skin! (Get it here)

3. Halo Effect Instant Illuminator:   I LOVE this! This has got to be one of my favorite makeup products of all time.  For real.  Been using it for many years, at one point they even discontinued it years ago and I did a nationwide search to buy 5 bottles and stock up!  But now it's back!  I use the lighter / pink color (pink Potion)  and I use this around my eyes to make it look like I sleep at night!  It's easy and fast and it gives you a subtle lighter shimmery look around your eyes.  (Get it here)

4.  Pinch Your Cheeks Powder Blush:   (I use Tropical Pink, goes on lighter than it looks!)  This is only a recent discovery, but I love it.  I used their older version of the blush, which they discontinued to my dismay. But I still love this product just as much. Although I'm a bit upset that they don't include the brush with it anymore.  The old packaging has a brush with it, now I had to go out and buy a brush.  But still love the product, and the Tropical Pink is such a pretty warm pink!   (Get it here)

5. Origins Peeper Pleaser Eyeshadow: This is the most amazing soft eyeshadow ever. It goes on so easy!  The only issue I have with it is that they recently changed the packaging, and they don't come with the little brushes anymore.  But the product is great, I just hate spending money on make up brushes!   ( My favorite colors are: Celestial Shimmer, Twinkle, Cocoa Powder, Copper Penny & last but not least a discontinued color: Summer Sunset) (Get it here)

6. Origins Automagically Eye Lining Pencil:  Makes eye lining a breeze, goes on very easily and smooth!  The best eyepencil I ever used, very precise, no drying time! Yipeee!   I use the black one.  (Get it here)

7. Maybelline Falsies Mascara:   I've never worn falsies, but these will give those falsies a run for their money!  For real you guys. This mascara is so insane. Makes it look like you got fake lashes on and they don't stick together.    I love love this mascara!!!   I use the black one!  (Get it here)


  1. Will have to check out Origins products for sure!
    Great minds...I am planning a 5 min face post...sharing my makeup routine..which is usually about 5 minutes, lol.

    Hope you had a great New Years and all the best in 2013!!!

  2. Origins products are pretty popular in our regain as well, they have the best quality and good price.

  3. Thanks for your makeup post! I may just have to try some of those out. I don't wear much makeup, but when I do I usually go for the more easy/natural look like you. By the way, what kind of lip gloss do you use?

    Olivia :-)

  4. Origins Peeper Pleaser Eyeshadow I thinks this one will be great for me also


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