Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wow.  It's finally here.  My baby girl has turned one year old.  At 12:42am exactly a year ago, at just 2lb 12oz, my baby-girl took her first breath in the outside world.   I still can't believe it.   And I'm surprised at how emotionally charged today is.   I'm happy and sad at the same time.   It's really weird.   I think it partially has to do with her being a preemie.  There is just something about reliving "that day".   I'm tearing up left and right and just hope I can keep myself together for her party!  Her birthday is not suppose to be for another two month.    To be honest her birthday was the worst & scariest day of my life. It's the day we nearly lost her and me.  I got rushed into an emergency C section, not knowing if she would be OK. I remember waking up in sheer panic wanting to know if she was alright.  Just a scary scary day.  The next few days were a blur, I was on so many drugs.  Two days later I met my princess and things felt a little better.  I remember seeing her for the first time.  I could not believe how tiny she was.  I got to hold her and she was light as feather! Skinny tiny little thing.   I felt very guilty and angry for months for not being able to carry her full term.  What was wrong with me and why didn't my body work the way it's suppose to?   I googled till the cows came home.  Researching and trying to find out what I did wrong, always coming up empty handed. I wanted to find answers and a cause.  But in reality it's just one of those things.  Something went wrong somewhere and I will never get a cause or reason. As my Dr. put it is just something random.  My placenta came back fine, I have no clotting disease, everything was seemingly fine.   A year full of ups and down, many challenges, but indeed a very happy ending.    We have a beautiful 1 year old, who is super healthy,  small but full of energy and beautiful smiles.  Gosh we are so so lucky.  I thought long and hard about what to write but I think there is nothing more telling than pictures.   So here is our first year in pictures!  Happy Birthday my sweet little princess!   Mommy and daddy love you more than anything in this world!


  1. So sweet, thanks for sharing! It is sad and happy every year as your babies get older on their birthdays! : ( Enjoy the day with your beautiful baby girl!

  2. She is beautiful and such a blessing!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little girl! Enjoy your day together.

  4. Feliz Cumpleaños Emma! Thank you for sharing your story and incredible pictures. She’s definitely God’s little miracle…


  5. Happy 1st birthday to your daughter. As a labor and delivery room nurse I agree with your doctor. Sometimes these things happen and there's nothing you could have done differently. Unfortunately this is the way it was supposed to happen, not that it makes it any easier for you. She is beautiful and I'm glad she is healthy today. Enjoy today Tunde.


  6. Wow I didn't realise she was a premature baby, thank you for sharing this post with us. It sounds like it was an awful time for you. She is absolutely gorgeous. I have to admit something (don't judge me) when babies are newborn or less than 2 months old I don't get that 'oh my god how cute' thing that most other women seem to do (I am not very maternal) but the photos of your newborn daughter did something to me, she just looks so gorgeous right from birth, pictures 3, 4 and 5 are amazing, she just looks so full of wonder and life, like a real little fighter.

    Enjoy this very special birthday, you have a lot to celebrate :)

    Janine xx

  7. What a beautiful baby girl. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Baby Emma! :)

  8. Hi Tunde.

    This post touched my heart, not only because it came truly from your heart and what both of you had to go through, but also because at 38 weeks pregnant and about to give birth to my first Baby Girl myself, I couldn't help but get emotional and a little teary-eyed. Yours is a story of hope, miracles, blessings and looking up from God. Your baby was super tiny when she was born but luckily she was complete. I am sure she has gone through a lot, especially the first 6 months of her life but she had a beautiful and caring mamma like herself to make her feel healthy, happy, strong & complete. Happy 1st Birthday to Your Beautiful Emma! God Bless your little angel and her parents and may she grow stronger, healthier and prettier each day.

    If you don't mind me asking, how much does she weigh now and how tall is she? She looks healthy & strong and not like a preemie at all.


    <3 Ada.

    1. I Meant to say a Beautiful & Caring Mamma like yourself*.

  9. I love your blog! And happy birthday to your little one! I have a little guy who is 4 months and the time is going way too fast!!

  10. Congratulations on making it through the first year! The first year is definatly the hardest! I am a mom of preemie twin girls, they arrived at 34 weeks- and now are perfectly healthy and just a few short months of turning 3! I went through every emotion that you went through as a mom of a preemie. I even knew while I was pregnant there was a chance they could be early and was still in utter shock to find ourselves in the NICU they day they were born. It was something I thought that could happen to other people- but you never really think it could happen to you. But I just had to focus, like you, on every positive step out of the NICU and into our new life as a family. Make sure to celebrate you too today! You have so many wonderful adventures with your sweet little one ahead of you!

  11. Tunde! She is too precious for words. So glad you and she are both all right. :)


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