Monday, January 14, 2013

Well hello there.   Took this past weekend and barely logged onto the web for a few days!   It was a nice little break.  Lots of playtime and giggles from my baby girl!  It was nice to be "out of touch" for a few days!   Today I'm back to work and loving this plaid dress from the GAP.    It has pretty red and blue colors but also a tad pop of unexpected turquoise!   Paired with my favorite denim jacket and got a comfy outfit that will get me thru the Monday blues!   It's been a while since I wore my denim jacket, it seems that it gets neglected in the winter time, since it's weird to layer it with a winter jacket!  But it's been pretty mild around here for the last couple of days, so I'm droppin' the winter jacket!  And to tell you the truth, I'm ready to drop the winter jacket for the season!  Ready for spring time!

Oh and if you guys got another minute ( I know I'm getting annoying)  please vote for me again for the Circle of Moms top fashion mommy blogs!  I haven't been checking much but seems I have slid all the way down to 24, and barely holding onto even that spot!!!! So if you enjoy my blog, please take a moment to vote!  Pretty please!     VOTE HERE.     

{Dress} GAP Plaid Shirt Dress (sold out online, check stores or eBay) 
{Jacket} Hudson Denim Jacket - Nordstom Clearance Sale last year
{Boots} Lucky Brand Ethelda Boots - Get it here


  1. love the plaid and denim! xo

  2. Love your outfit. Wish I could wear a jean jacket right now. It's currently snowing and I"m wearing a turtleneck. Totally voted for me. If you get a chance please vote for me at Vodka Infused Lemonade.


  3. Tunde this is one of my favourite casual looks... doesn't get any better than checks and denim! Plus the boots look fabulous on your endless legs!

    Catherine x


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