Friday, February 8, 2013

Already Friday? What a crazy week. I'm totally spent. We're getting a huge snow storm today, supposedly, several feet, so I'm working from home today :). So it's sorta like  a snow day except for I still gotta work.   But I get to work in my PJ's which means less time getting ready and a little extra cuddling time with Emma. Always a great start to my day! Today's outfit is comfy although I'm not wearing it since I'm working from home, this is what I was planning to wear if the weather hasn't gone crazy! ( I plan my outfits out every Sunday, makes getting ready during the week so much more easier! ) I have some really exciting things I'm working on including some great giveaways that I can hardly wait to share with you guys! Hope you all have an awesome weekend and don't forget to link up below!

{Cardigan} Sarah Cardigan by Veronica M - Get it here
{Tee} GAP Basic White Tee
{Pants} Ann Taylor LOFT Charcoal Grey Ponte Pants (last year)
{Boots} Lucky Brand Blossom Boots in Black (older)
{Bow Necklace} Samantha Faye Silver Bow Necklace - Get it here or Get it here 
{Long Necklace} Green Stone Sterling Silver Necklace via Etsy 


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  1. I love a good card, especially in such a pretty color. I'm glad I don't live where you live. If it even sprinkles for a minute here in Georgia, EVERYTHING shuts down, the schools, work, the stores...EVERYTHING! I don't know what I would do if I had to shovel snow, smh.


  2. That blue looks great on you! Thanks for the link up!

  3. thats a beautiful color on you! xo

  4. In love with this outfit! You look amazing! <3

  5. Love this cobalt colored cardigan. It's gorgeous on you.


  6. So, totally unrelated to your post... do you have any recommended buys for a Caribbean vacation? This will be a mommy with a 22-mo-old in tow who also happens to be 10 weeks pregnant (so not looking as good as usual in a swimsuit...). I saw a few coverups at LOFT, but as I always look to you for style sense, figured I'd check and see if you've had your eye on anything for summer yet? Thanks! :)

    1. Oh yes!!! I totally have my eye out on a few pieces!!! There was one super cute cover up at LOFT I'm going to get with a pretty beach / umbrella pattern & love their anchor print swimsuits!

  7. I will do a post soon on my picks!! Will I fit in your luggage?? I need nice getaway! It's been almost 2 years since our last vacation!!! :)

    1. yay!! I'm so looking forward to seeing your list :)


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