Monday, February 4, 2013

There is just something about Monday's that makes me want to make sure I'm super comfortable.   So today I'm wearing comfy ponte pants, basic black OTK boots and a colorful cardigan by H&M.   I really wish we had a long weekend coming up but there is nothing till May you guys!!! Till May.  So so far away it seems.   I would take some days off but I've been using quite a bit of my vacation time lately and I want to save a week or so for a real vacation too.  So unless I get the guts to call in sick I'm stuck with 2 day weekends till May.  I guess I should not be complaining too much, since back when I worked in banking many times I only had Sundays off!   But still I wonder who came up with 2 day weekends?  Really should be at least 3 days.   Just sayin.   The 5/2 division of workdays VS weekend seems a bit uneven!  I always swore in the past that I would never be a stay at  home mom, but all the hecticiy of working full time making me wonder if it's all worth it?   It seems I can't give a 100% to anything anymore.   Let's hear it you guys!!! I wanna know what you love about staying home or working???  Maybe a happy medium of working part time? 

{Cardigan} H&M Long Colorblock Striped Cardigan ($7 via Ebay!!!)  
{Scarf} Ann Taylor LOFT Colorblock Shimmer Scarf (about 3 years ago)
{White Tee} GAP Luxe Jersey Pocket Top (perfect white tee btw!!!) - Get it here
{Pants} Ann Taylor LOFT Skinny black ponte pants
{Boots}Steve Madden Haleena Boots in Black - Get it here


  1. Love your outfit and I totally agree with having a 3 day weekend.


  2. I have been at home for the last 2 years since many second was born and I love it! I love the summer going to the park and the pool and doing whatever we want. I am glad I get to go on all of my preschoolers field trips and am excited to volunteer in his classes growing up. We stay busy and have fun with 2. I recommend it, but understand it's not for everyone.

    1. Sounds like the perfect days!!! Im afraid of missing out on all that!

  3. love that cardi and all the bright colors! xo

  4. Love the sweater! Were you looking for that particular sweater on eBay or did you just happen to find it? I find it hard to shop for clothes on eBay unless I'm looking for a specific piece, so I'm curious what you thought.

    With my first daughter, I worked full time. With my second, I tried going back to work after my maternity leave but it was too much. It's been hard adjusting to life as a stay at home mom after being a die hard 9to5er but I love it. I'm able to concentrate fully on my kids without the added stress of a traditional job. I still miss using my brain so to speak so I became a consultant for Rodan & Fields. The doctors who created Proactiv have a new anti aging skincare line and they are about to make skincare history with a new skincare tool. This way, I am able to feel like I am contributing to the household and can do it all around the kids as opposed to the other way around. If you're interested, check out my site here: It's a tough choice to be a working mom or stay at home mom and I think having a turn key business as a sahm is invaluable.


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