Monday, February 11, 2013

Phewwww.  What a weekend you guys.   The weatherman got it right.   Unusual but they got it right. It was as bad as they had anticipated.   It's a miracle we didn't loose power.  Of course we won't anymore since we actually finally bought a generator & installed proper hookup for it.    We loose power a lot around here!   We are pretty much dug out from under nearly 3 foot of snow.   2 days of cleaning up, shoveling and cleaning the roofs to avoid leaks into the house.   Poor husband is a bit sore.    For the most part I had to watch the baby ;).    So today as I venture into work, I wore this warm and cozy sweater I got at ASOS few months ago.   Who knows what the ride into work will hold today, might as well be warm and cozy.   That reminds me, I really should have filled my gas tank just in case.  Ooops.   Sweet husby might be getting a call.   That is if I get stuck or something.

{Sweater} Vila Slouchy Intarsia Knit Draped Cardigan via ASOS - Get it here
{Tank} GAP Turquoise Ribbed Tank (last years color)   
{Jeans} JBrand Dark Wash Skinny Jeans (via TJMaxx)
{Boots} Lucky Brand Hesper Boots (I got mine at Lucky Brand on clearance)  Still available on multiple websites, just Google it.  
{Bow Necklace} Samantha Faye Silver Bow Necklace - Get it here or Get it here  
{Karma Necklace} c/o Rock of Eden - Karma Necklace - Get it here


  1. Great sweater!!! Looks super comfortable.


  2. As soon as I saw you wearing this sweater, I had to have it! It came today... It's a quirky color mix and I love it! Question though - how do you get it to lay so nicely? Mine is showing a lot of the underside/wrong side.

  3. How bright are the colors in person??


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