Monday, February 25, 2013

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Ours was packed with stuff and I even ate out two night in a row! Wow! I rarely every go out to eat, but grabbed a bite of Mexican food with a friend and miss Emma Saturday night then had Indian food with my husband last night! It's nice to get a break from cooking :). Miss Emma also took a few wobbly steps, and getting better at it every day, so walking is in the very near distance! I also reached a big milestone this week and this may be TMI for some of you but I packed up my pump and I'm done! I love having the extra time! After 13 months I just can't do it anymore. And Miss Emma seems to really like regular milk so I don't even feel one least bad. Today's outfit is pretty simple, just a basic tunic sweater (with some awesome little details) and skinny pants and boots, my go to outfit thorough the winter months!

{Sweater}GAP Striped dolman-sleeve sweater in Tall (Icy mint) - Get it here
{Pants} LOFT Black Skinny Ponte Pants (few years old, they come out with these pretty much every year) {Boots} House of Harlow 1960 Fringe Flat Boots - "TESSA"  (last year via Marshalls) {Bow Necklace} Samantha Faye Silver Bow Necklace - Get it here or Get it here


  1. So cute! Love the sweater and the fringe boots!
    Glad you enjoyed your cooking brake!


  2. Congrats on packing away the pump. I did it until my son was 11 months and I was done and so was he. Like your outfit.



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