Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Thursday! Only one more day of work till a nice 3 day weekend! Wahoo! It will be nice to have that extra day to kick back and relax. Not much planned but hopefully will help recharge a bit, I've been super tired lately and just caught another cold. I've been taking Emma on play-dates and she even has a library reading group, and she keeps catching colds. Like one after the other. The second one this month alone. Although it really barely affects her (well other than the constant annoyance of mommy wiping her nose), it really got me beat. Makes me wonder if I should have breastfed her longer, since she never once got sick in the 14 months I did. I guess sooner or later they gotta catch this stuff, so hopefully we're getting all the sickness out of the way for a nice healthy summer! :) It's been a while since I wore a dress, so today I decided to put this colorful dress on! It's a tad on the shorter side so for work I paired it with leggings.

{Dress} Ann Taylor LOFT Scarf Print Boatneck Dress - Get it here
{Pants} Ann Taylor LOFT Grey Skinny Ponte Pants {few years old)
{Belt}Ann Taylor LOFT stretch Polka Dot Belt (Spring 13, not online anymore)
{Flats} JCrew Factory Studded Bright Flats (last years) 

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  1. such gorgeous and bright print -- this looks fab on you! xo

  2. that top is so beautiful! the pinks and blues are so pretty! perfect shoes to complete the outfit!

  3. What a gorgeous dress! Such a pretty print!

  4. Love the dress. Thank you for linking up. see you next week.


  5. I love this Tunic Dress. Love the Print & colors on it. Try it with bare legs & sandals, next time. You have great legs, why not!

  6. I like vibrant, colorful dresses. They have several advantages. ;-)
    for one, they put the wearer in a good mood. You don't usually see someone in a bright, appealing dress wearing a frown. It makes you think in a more relaxed manner, even when the day is not going well.

    Two, it makes you look more attractive. Flowers that are bright usually attract more attention. A dress with bright colors, makes the wearer a little easier on the eyes, I think.


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