Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Tuesday! Hectic day ahead of me today so I opted for a comfy loose shift dress and leggings. Purchased this dress at Banana Republic with the 40% off coupon, and I love it, but personally think it looks better in person! The color is really pretty coralish red, perfect for spring and summer! And the material is soft and flowy and thankfully not polyester!

Dress: Banana Republic Circle Print Dress - Get it here
Leggings:  Ann Taylor LOFT Black Ponte Leggings (few years old)
Flats: Lucky Brand Emmie Flats in Gold Leather via eBay


Monday, April 29, 2013

Here comes another week! The most beautiful weekend EVER. Really wish I had one more sunny day to explore the outsides with my daughter. She is at that stage where she wants to see and touch everything and it is a lot of fun to hang out with. Nothing beats a good belly giggle and all the silly faces she makes as she sniffs flowers! But reality is that it's back to the grind today, and therefore I wore a bright and sunny polka dot cardigan. Yellow is my favorite color, and polka dot my favorite pattern so it's a win! Added a lacy detail tank underneath and my basic ponte skinny pants for a comfortable outfit that will get me thru the day!

Cardigan:  Ann Taylor LOFT Dot and Stripe 3/4 sleeve cardigan - Get it here
Tank: Ann Taylor LOFT Lace Inset Shell in white - Get it here
Pants:  Ann Taylor LOFT Black Skinny Ponte Pants (few years old, but they come out with these every year!
Flats: Ann Taylor Neon Colorblock Pointy toe flats - from last year

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Lately I've been thinking about tropical beaches & waters, so it only seemed appropriate to wear those colors! It's been over two years since we have taken a vacation, but hoping that this upcoming fall, once we have some stuff settled will be able to break away from this crazy life and relax a bit. Till then I will just have to wear those colors! Although we're suppose to go to the Cape this summer with family, the water there looks nothing like in Mexico! But it will be a free vacation so I'll take it!   And I can't wait to see how Emma likes the beach and water!  She will be about a year and a half, so hopefully she will love it! 

Tee - Banana Republic White Navy Polka Dot Long Sleeve Tee  - I think this is the same or very similar! - Get it here
Jeans - Joe's Jeans Skinny Ankle jeans in Electric Lime - via clearance sale at Marshalls!
Scarf - Ann Taylor LOFT Sea Flower Square Scarf - Get it here
Flats - Lucky Brand Emmie Flats in Gold Leather via eBay


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Well ladies.  I might be a bit late for this but here is my favorites for this summer!

2. Loft Scenic Beach Cover Up  - I have this and love it!
4. LOFT Nautical Shorts (not online anymore, check stores) 
6. GAP Leather Flip Flops in Gold & Black


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know I have tried this dress on a while before when it first came out and didn't like the fit. I tried on XS, S and even petites and just wasn't right. Couple of weeks ago, LOFT had extra 50% clearance sale in the stores and I once again bumped into this dress and the price was so tempting I gave it a second look. I loved the green & the print and this time I tried a size M, belted it and ended up really liking the look. Since it's still pretty cold around here I'm wearing it more like a tunic with black leggings!  Being a size or two up from what I usually wear, it gave it a nice blousy effect.   A belt is a must for this piece otherwise it just looks huge and sloppy.    On a side note, my daughter had her 15 month checkup this week and we're still at 5% for weight (just shy of 20lbs) but we jumped to 20% for height! So Dr. said looks like she will be tall and thin :). 

Dress - Ann Taylor LOFT Parrot Print Green Dress -  not online anymore, but local store had bunches!!
Belt - Ann Taylor LOFT Braided Shimmer Stretch Belt - Get it here
Leggings - Ann Taylor LOFT Ponte Black Leggings (few years old)
Flats - Lucky Brand Emmie Flats in Gold via eBay

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So I've done a bit of shopping at the GAP, they had some amazing sales lately! It really pays off being a loyal customer to a store in my opinion & having their credit card as long as you pay it off every month.   Last week they had 35% off, plus I had a 15% off extra coupon for a mess up on a previous order, and also had some rewards that I used.   So here is some of my favorite items that I picked up at the GAP. 

1.GAP Anchor Print Navy Skinny Khakis - Found this at my local store on crazy clearance $19
2.GAP Tiny Bicycle Print Tee - Super cute casual tee, perfect to layer under cardi, bought size S, for little extra room.  
3. GAP Dolman Sleeve Cowlneck Tee - Love it!  Bought S Tall. (clearance tee plus 30% and 15% off!!)
4. GAP Essential Cami - My favorite new tanks!! Got them when they were on sale for $10, with extra 30%, then 15% off, bought the super neon pink, white, grey, nude.  
5. GAP Bird Graphic Tee - LOVE LOVE LOVE this cute tee!!
6. GAP Chambray Tunic - Great sale price!  A little over-sized but great for a casual day!
7. GAP Floral Jeans - I was up in the air about this one for a while, but recently marked down to $24.99 I went for it (could not use the 35%, only the 15%)
8. GAP Mini Stripe Infinity Scarf in coral 
9. GAP Luxlight V-neck Cardigan - Awesome basic cardigan, got it in grey, green & navy!
10. GAP Dot Print Cardigan  - Love the bright print!
11. GAP Neon Cardi in neon blazing pink (this color is on a super good clearance)
12. GAP Super Skinny Neon Twill Pants - Cost me about $15, super bright but love it, perfect for summer.  Also has a side zipper so no bulk on front!
13. GAP Utility Jacket - Haven't received this one yet, but hopefully I will love it! 
14. GAP Dolman Sleeve Stripe Tee  - Although Bad reviews on the GAP website I LOVE mines!   Bought the white with black and green stripes in a Size S Tall, which makes a nice tunic.   

One additional thing I bought that I don't see on there is the GAP Camo Print Super Skinny  Jeans, that I love very much and you can see me wearing it in this post HERE.  


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hey Friends!  Hope you are all having a great weekend!  I'm just hanging with my girl :)   Some level of normalcy has returned to my life so I will be posting regularly again! Yay!   This outfit is what I wore to go grocery shopping and running errands today with my daughter, it's super-comfy and tunicky, which I personally love! 

Blouse:  Cloth & Stone Coral Orange Checkered Blouse - $34.99 via Marshalls very recently!!  I bought a size L, to get the over-sized slouchy look I wanted to have!
Jeans: JBrand Medium Blue 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans
Flats: Lucky Brand Emmie II Flats in Gold Leather - Found this beauty on eBay on a great sale!   (same as the leopard ones I wear all the time, and heavenly comfy!)

And while I'm here might as well share this!!! Love this happy smiling little face, totally melts my heart!!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ok so are you guys ready for a big bunch of horrible bathroom outfit pictures?   Well ready or not here they are!  Hopefully I will be back with better pictures next week!  Phewww.  What a month though. If any of you work in finance / accounting you can relate to how hectic your fiscal year closing can be.   Usually involves a month on nonstop working and lots of overtime.   The only free time I had was my weekends, which they tried to get me to come in, but as a new mommy I have the no babysitter excuse.  And what good would I be dragging my 15 month old to the office anyways (can you believe it?? My 2lb baby girl is 15 month old today! Golly!) ?  Probably get nothing done at all.  So we enjoyed our low key weekends together, shopped the baby gap and played a lot!   I've been trying to read a lot to her too since on our last NICU follow up checkup they said she was a bit behind with her cognitive skills and referred us to the birth to 3 program.   So starting next week we have a speech therapist come out once a week, to help us do the activities that will help her get on track.  Other than that she is very friendly social, happy baby, but  her sleeping still not that great.   Although her wake ups and knowing that she will get into our bed as soon as she cries are getting a tad bit shady...  I think she's working me.   She knows that I just can't let her cry it out.   And I'm also totally OK with her sleeping with us, since I know these days of her wanting to be close to mommy all the time are numbered and it goes away quick.  So I'm really enjoying our closeness!  Ok onto a few outfits I wore over the past few weeks!   Seems like I've been drawn to bright neon & corals!

OUTFIT DETAILS:   Cardigan - GAP Cardi in Neon Blazing Pink (on clearance now for $29.99 plus 30% off today!) , Tee - Ralph Lauren, really really old, like from my college days old, Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT Ponte Skinny Pants, Flats: Lucky Brand Emmie II Leopard Flats. 

OUTFIT DETAILS:  Cardigan: Banana Republic Grey Long Cardigan , Tank: GAP Essential Cami in diva pink , Pants: GAP Camo 1969 printed always skinny skimmer jeans, Long Necklace: Really old sterling silver necklace from TJMaxx., Purse: Dooney & Bourke
OUTFIT DETAILS:   Jacket:  Hudson Denim Jacket (from last year),  Tee: LOFT Linen Tee in Pink Dusk - Love these tees!!!!  Got them in several colors! , Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT polka dot super skinny jeans (sold out online, but spring 2013), Gold Flats: Lucky Brand Emmie Flats, Purse: Dooney & Bourke Tote
And what is it about iPhone camera that makes us girls do these wonky faces? Haha! Too good not to share, go ahead have good laugh at my expense. The real reason for sharing is the sweater though. Got this at the LOFT when it was on special for $25 with extra % off. These are really nice and long, and I got a size M because wanted to have a more relaxed fit to it! I'm wearing the Starburst Coral one! GET IT HERE. (also bought the pink dusk - favorite of the colors, the yellow and turquoise stripe ones)
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