Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hey there friends!  You probably noticed if you check my blog regularly that I haven't been posting much lately.   And right now I just need a break from the blogging world.   So I will take a leave for a little while to focus more on other parts of my life!    I'm starting a new job tomorrow morning, which will require more of my time, and there is only so much time one has.    It's a big promotion for me and really excited about it!    No more super casual dress code!     I also mentioned in previous posts that my daughter has had some delays in her cognitive skill, most likely due to being born premature, and I need to give more undivided attention to her.   Attention without checking email, twitter & Facebook on my iPhone.  You know this little corner of the web was fun for a while, but it has become more of a chore, and not being able to respond to all your comments and emails really bothered me.  So I will take a little leave to figure out what I want to do with this "space".   I'm unplugging from social media & shopping for a little while!   I will probably still bombard Instagram with baby pictures though, if you want to follow along there!      Thanks for all the support!


Friday, July 5, 2013

So these last couple of months I've been getting tons of questions about my daughters bows!   So here is the scoop on them, if you can even call it that! :) They are from Target and I love them since they stay in pretty good!    See the bows online HERE.  Looks like you can only buy it in store!

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